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There are many different terms being thrown out there to describe marketing to prospective employees. McKinsey coined the term "employer-branding" in 2005. Kinexa calls it "Employment Branding." LinkedIN flip flops and uses Employment Branding AND Talent Branding.

I prefer to call it Talent Branding. Here's why: it places the prospective audience (the talent) at the center of the conversation, not the seller (the employer).

Have you ever been at a cocktail party where you were cornered by a boorish guest? You know - he's the kind of person who tells you about his big boat, his last vacation to Niagra Falls, the names and ages of his grandkids. Non stop. Me, me, me. Let me tell you all about me. Ick.

Good branding is about engaging in a conversation between the company and the audience. You need to find common ground during the initial stages of engagement. It should never be one sided. Otherwise you may find yourself getting a martini dumped on your head.

When marketers sell to their customers, they call it consumer marketing. If we're creating a brand to appeal to prospective talent, shouldn't we then call it "talent branding?" I think so.

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