Magic Mirror

Funhouse mirror photo by bikesandwich
Got Culture? Of course you do.

No matter where you work, you'll find that each place has its own vibe. Its own way of treating each other. Its own way of getting things done. People usually refer to this aspect of the business as the company culture. Because it has a big impact on both the company's internal and external perceptions, the company culture drives major aspects of the talent brand.

But do you have a well defined understanding of  your company culture? Most places don't, and that's why delving into this question is one of the first steps of developing a comprehensive talent brand.

Here's one of the exercises we take our clients through: I call it the Magic Mirror. First, we look at "Reality." Under a harsh , objective light,  we determine the company culture based on what people currently say about it. Warts and all. How do employees view the state of affairs today? But the magic mirror also asks us to reflect what company employees ASPIRE to be. What are we like when we are our best selves? Who among us represent the archetype of who we want everyone to be?

Credible aspirations, dreams and vision are a big part of branding. It's part of what makes a company stand out.* Unique. Remarkable.

What makes you remarkable?

*In marketese, this hints at your unique selling proposition, or USP.

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