Branding Time Off

Most of Europe takes a good chunk of August off. Summer holiday at the beach. Sandy beaches in Mykonos or Ibiza. Not so much in the U.S. I am taking the month off from blogging to focus on my talent branding consultancy.

But it made me remember, that in my company, I decided to turn "paid time off" into a branding opportunity. In Onramp's employee handbook we list the major holidays that are paid leave. Among the days is January 8th, Elvis' birthday. Whenever I have a listing in the classifieds (an old fashioned word for job boards) I mention that we count Elvis' birthday as a paid vacation day. It makes my little ad stand out and become memorable.

Stand out. Be memorable. Isn't that what's at the heart of  branding?

Flickr photo by by Mark Surman

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