Obamacare and the Talent Brand

Can you feel the ground shake? It's the Affordable Care Act (ACA or Obamacare). Its roll out today marks an expansive change to the landscape of the American Healthcare system. These are shifts of seismic proportion. The shockwaves are washing over every HR department as they scramble to maintain governmental compliance, but the shake up will also have a huge effect on talent marketing as well. Here's why: Great health benefits used to be a compelling factor in choosing a big company job over a start-up.

The ACA takes this carrot away by making health plans available to some of the most attractive, prospective employees. Let's say, a sharp, professional smarty-pants who has a child with a pre-existing health condition were considering her career opportunities today, October 1, 2013. She may very well be able to consider being an entrepreneur more easily because costs for health care insurance is no longer a huge barrier. Working for a large corporation doesn't offer the same advantage in health care security as it used to. Now more than ever, projecting a company culture that resonates with her values, and selling the benefits of working with your team need to be communicated. Clearly.

It's time to check the foundations of your talent brand. The groundswell has only begun.

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