There is no "EASY button"

Photo by Todd Lappin
Chatting with a local HR leader last week, I heard this complaint- "my CEO thinks I can just push one button, and presto! we have company culture."

If only it were so simple.

Unfortunately, there is no CULTURE button to push. But what we do have are different levers and knobs that help to affect and define a corporate culture:
  1. Some control switches can move the needle in a big way, like, communication. Clearly defining what you stand for, then distributing it widely to your organization can be a huge mover.
  2. Some controls are even more powerful, like, leading by example. Living your core values, publicly, can be huge. We live in an age of transparency now. Someone is always watching - your customers, your competitors, your fellow associates.
  3. Then there are other things like consistency and commitment are control knobs that are hard to keep dialed in. Nonetheless, being unwavering to your mission and key principles is essential.

And...there are plenty of knobs and buttons that the chief HR officer has no power over. Things like the economy, or  the effect of weather on the stock price.

The key thing to remember are there ARE components of company culture that you can control. And if you don't take the wheel, you fly rudderless.

What are the other knobs that YOU turn to modulate and control your company culture?

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